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A Girl's Guide to Finding Purpose

How to Live a More Meaningful Life

In today’s society, there are so many young adults who lack a sense of purpose or wants more out of life, but does not know where to start. A Girl's Guide to Finding Purpose gives you 5 steps that requires reflection and awareness about their life. From flowcharts and journal work, to setting goals and checklist – we use different methods and activities to help you gain a better sense of self. A Girl's Guide to Finding Purpose is a transforming and empowering workbook, filled with the tools and knowledge you need to live a more meaningful life. Download your copy onto your reading device or computer, and find the purpose for your life.


Are you interested in getting the most of out your workbook?

  • Virtual workshops via. Zoom - this October I will be hosting virtual workshops. During these workshops we will go in-depth within each chapter of the workbook to gain a better understanding of all the components of the book. 

  • Facebook & Instagram Live - I will have brief discussions & tips on "How to Live A More Meaningful Life". 

  • Online Community via. Facebook - A place to reflect, share, and learn with a group of likeminded women who are all pursuing purpose. 


Download a Copy Today!

A Girl's Guide to Finding Purpose takes you through the 5 necessary step to finding purpose in everyday life. Here's the steps: Self-Awareness, Mindset Maintenance, Vision & Goal-Setting, Purposeful Planning, and Action Plan

Do you want more out of life?

Do you want to feel like the work you do makes a difference?

Do you want to gain better life skills?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then follow the steps in this workbook.

This purposeful workbook includes:

  • Flowcharts & Journal Work – to allow time for you to reflect from the methods given to you to use.

  • Goal Section & Checklist – you will create your own goals and I give you a few goals to accomplish.

  • Accountability Partner – this helps you with obtaining the goals you’ve made throughout this process.



What are other people saying?

"This workbook will have you go within, asking yourself questions that can open up emotions that you thought were not there. With that being said, it caused healing to occur."

Angel Renee'

"I was surprised with how much I learned about myself."

Zi'Achanate Robinson

"My initial thoughts were this workbook is therapeutic and a great way to get my thoughts out." 

Gabrielle Robinson


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