How I found my purpose?

Back in 2015 when I graduated from high school, I decided to start my own non-profit organization. The organization is name after my late grandfather, Junius T. Boone. Before deciding to temporarily closed my foundation Junius T. Boone Foundation was an active organization through the Metro Detroit Area. Throughout the 3 years of the organization being open we hosted summer camps, taught workshops to help youth develop social skills, and ran a mentoring program for young girls. It was then my purpose was revealed to me that my intention in life is to bring together groups of people who share a common goal, while at the same time helping individuals maximize their potential. 

While running my nonprofit organization I worked as an after-school teacher in Detroit Public Schools. I'm currently at Wayne State University pursuing my degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I work as a full-time 4th grade teacher at a school in Highland Park, Michigan. 

In the summer of 2018 I decided to broaden my horizon as it relates to my purpose and pursue my life coaching certification. I became a Certified Life Coach and started my own life coaching company, Pretty n' Purpose. The goal of my coaching company is to help young adult women find purpose in their everyday life. As I began to coach more, I noticed that young adult men needed something too.

I decided to create a personal brand, which focuses on all the aspects of my life - mentoring, coaching, and teaching. My goal is to help all people, youth, families, and young adults maximize their potential. 


Components of The Brand

Who Am I?


One of the services I offer through my brand is mentoring individuals who aspire to be coaches. I help them reach goals both professionally and personally.


I offer coaching services to young adults who are looking for more out of life. I focus on goal-setting, finding purpose in everyday life, and helping you develop personally.


One of my greatest gifts is being able to teach youth. I believe it is a privilege to able to teach and influence the lives of young people.


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