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Whenever I bring together a group of people my main goal is to create a safe place for every individual to be whoever it is they want to be. My communities are a place to find encouragement while also providing it to people who may need it. In life we go through things to get through them and eventually share our experiences with other people. Both communities provides this platform for you to do so.

Online Empowered Community

Be Empowered Virtually

My Online Empowered Community is a virtual experience that provides you with the empowerment needed to maximize your own potential and reach your life goals.

Pretty n' Purpose Empowerment Group

Sisterhood & Empowerment

Pretty n' Purpose Empowerment Group goal is to bring a sense of community to a group of motivated women that wants more in life, while encouraging other women.

*Membership is closed for the year. Send in an inquiry to join in Summer 2021.


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